Plumbing Piping Mechanical Estimating Services
The onscreen iestimator
 Our Estimating Work Area 
 * New Construction
 * Remodel/Upgrade 
 * Renovation
 * Shell & Core
 * Tenant Improvement
 * Budgeting
 * Plan & Specification
 * Design - Built
Our industries
* High rise Office
* Low rise Office
* Airport 
* Subway Station
* Military Base 
* Retail Store
* Department Store
* Mall
* Hotel
* Elementary School
* Middle School
* High School
* College
* University
* Cal Tech
* Library
* Laboratory
* Courthouse
* Jail
* Police Station
* Salvation Army
* Bank
* Private Hospital
* VA Hospital
* Medical Office
* Nursing Home
* Medical Clinic
* Casino
* Boeing
* Disneyland
* Raytheon
* Lookheed Martin
* Universal Studio
* Commercial
* Industry/Refrigeration
* Dormitory (Housing Complex)
* Waste Treatment Plant
* Cogenerator

In an increasingly globalized world, businesses must seize opportunities for growth and niche markets  where they can find them - and ppmestimator may provide just those unique opportunities for your company. We can help give your company  competitive advantages over other rival companies - doesn't matter it is a small, medium, or large companies.
Cut cost/increase profit 
Improve productivity and efficiency
Lowest takeoff price  
High tech Onscreen takeoff capability
High volume bid capability
Quick accurate turn-around
24hrs day/night shifts
Industry leader know-how
The No No's
No Worker's Compensation 
No Health/Medical Insurance
No Vehicle, Maintenance, Gas & Insurance
No Union Fee
No Property/Office Rental

Business Professionals Wanted
Sale People  
Company Team-Up Wanted 
Plumbing contractors
Mechanical contractors
Site Utility contractors
General contractors

We do estimating works & you run the projects.